January 8, 2017

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Faith and Fear, You Can't Have Both

January 7, 2018

Sometimes you just jump off the proverbial cliff and hope to God that you grow wings along the way. Along this beautiful journey called life we all have choices that can shape our life. We all have the ability to choose the path laid out for us. Will you choose to do something like  open your heart up to someone after it's been broken, choose to leave that career that you no longer enjoy or choose to be happy?


Now I know you're thinking wait did she just say I have a choice to be happy. Yes, my friend being happy is your choice. You can choose how you see the situation, do you see it through the eyes of fear, depression and negativity or do you see it through faith, love and positivity.


As Sonia Sumar once told me "you can't have both, faith and fear, you can only have one". It can it be scary to think that you have all the power and the ability to choose the path you are on in life. When you are afraid you will always choose the easy way, the path that is the least scary. It's easy to stay in a dead end relationship, stay closed off or stay in that job that is making you miserable because there is safety there but when you take that leap and have faith the most beautiful things come to you. Trust that little voice inside of you that says do it, I've got you, everything will be



Recently, I was reminded that our life experiences can shape how we  choose and what we fear. Sometimes it can prevent us from having faith because we've tried so many times in the past to have something and it doesn't work out. You've carried  years of hurt, fear, anger and resentment around with you and it has shaped how you see situations. It can prevent you from opening up, telling someone you care, forgiving the past hurts, releasing the old, starting a new relationship or rekindling an old flame. Don't let your past have control of your today or your future.


Do not let fear control your life and your decisions. Unpack your luggage with your

person, leave that relationship that's draining you, find your tribe, quit the job, open that

business and take that leap of faith. Know that everything always works out even in the darkest of days! You are a Divine being and God is always with you, let your light be your guide out of the dark!







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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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